Wanna look great on a budget? Let me start by sharing my favorite drugstore foundation. 

I splurge once in awhile but if I find something that works I stick to it. You just need to know what to buy. Here is what I’ve experienced buying makeup foundation in a department store vs buying in a drugstore. 

The difference is that, in a department store, aside from engaging with the sales associate, you will have the opportunity to meet vendors. These are people who represent brands and they are there to talk to you about the products you’re interested in. Sometimes you can even get a complimentary makeover. You’ll be well informed, plus FREE SAMPLES too! 

Well as in a drugstore, you are basically on your own. But wait! I just met a beauty consultant on my recent visit to Walgreens. So there you have it, a beauty consultant that can help with finding the right shade for you. (They are not always available though).


So, if you don’t read about it, ask about it, or basically do your homework, you’ll end up buying shade after shade of foundations, that sometimes totals up to more money than just buying one designer bottle. 

If you know exactly what you want and what works for you, purchasing a drugstore makeup foundation is the way to go. Sometimes you get deals like, buy 1, get another one half off. The bottom line is, to find the right foundation that works best for your skin tone and texture. 

Decide what type of coverage you need according to your skin or preference. Now, don’t forget that as the season changes, our skin tone changes as well, especially if we are exposed to a lot of sun during the summer months. If you are the kind of person who protects your skin from the sun, then you’ll probably stick to the same shade all year long. 

So, is it true that you get what you pay for? 

If you totally believe in that saying, then you won’t give yourself a chance to explore other products that are amazing in quality and price. 

The designer price comes with the shopping experience, but remember that the greatest feeling you get from shopping is knowing that you got what you want without paying a lot of money. 

So, since I’m writing this, my recommendation is to just find the right one that works and suits your budget. 

Like I said, I’ve tried many foundations but what’s really working for me right now is this amazing L’Oreal Paris, INFALLIBLE 24 hour Fresh Wear Liquid Foundation! 

It doesn’t give me that awful cakey look and most importantly, this liquid foundation doesn’t settle into my facial lines. It’s lightweight and it’s easily applied with my fingers. I apply it after I moisturize my face. This foundation lasts me the whole day. No joke. What’s great is that, if you are the type who loves to take selfies, you’ll find that it works well on photo. It does for me! 

It’s exquisitely radiant and I wear it obsessively! Try it!