Today, May 4, marks my husband John’s 53rd birthday. I thought of surprising him with this. I would like him to read the many reasons why I’m still in love with him. I remember my mother telling me many years back that men are just like women. I asked her.. “In what way though?” She said….”Just like us women, don’t we like it when our man tells us how beautiful we look…Well, same as men, they like to be acknowledged and appreciated. It’s not enough that they know we love them, we need to show it and verbalize it.”

I’ll never forget that advice my mother gave me. So, not only do I show it….I verbalize how I feel.

I remember in the car one night, my husband was driving and we were on our way to dinner, meeting some friends. He was wearing jeans and a sportcoat and I must say he was looking mighty hot 🔥.  The radio was playing some jazzy tune and he took my hand and held it. I felt butterflies 🦋  in my stomach, the same feeling I get every now and then… and I would tell him right away! 

Most of you would know that if you have been married for a long time, love has its challenges. 

Especially when you are raising children and have to deal with some external stresses in your life. So moments like my “Butterfly Moments” are precious. 🦋🦋🦋

How do I love thee, let me count the ways :  by Elizabeth Barrett…. 

John…. Here are 53 reasons why I’m still in love with you 😍

  1. I love your smile with your cute dimples
  2. I love the way you look at me
  3. I love the way you think, your mind, your intelligence 
  4. I love your kisses
  5. I love the way you snuggle up with me 
  6. I love that you never curse at me no matter how upset you get
  7. I love that you listen to all my silly stories
  8. I love that you love my mom and my family
  9. I love that you care and love your parents very much
  10. I love that you talk to homeless people on the street 
  11. I love that you hate seeing me sad
  12. I love that you are my best friend 
  13. I love that you see the best in others
  14. I love that you are playful 
  15. I love that you constantly say I love you to our kids
  16. I love that you help me around the house with the household chores 
  17. I love that you like taking me out on drives
  18. I love that you make our bed in the morning when I get up before you 
  19. I love that you’re easy to feed. You don’t demand a five course meal. Lol 😂 
  20. I love that we laugh together after we have a screaming match 
  21. I love your thoughtfulness…when you go out of your way to get me my favorite red wine 🍷 
  22. I love that you watch my Filipino TV Soap Shows with me – with english caption of course 😄
  23. I love that you have patience with me especially when I keep asking you to explain what just happened on tv- lol 😆 
  24. I love when we binge on Netflix for hours
  25. I love that I can be myself with you
  26. I love that you are passionate with everything you do
  27. I love that you are a lector in our church
  28. I love that you talk one on one with our children 
  29. I love the long family group texts you send out to give wisdom to our children 
  30. I love that you always treat everyone well
  31. I love that you make an effort with my friends and family because you know how much they mean to me
  32. I love when you massage my legs whenever I get cramps (I get them a lot 😩)
  33. I love that you support me in everything I do
  34. I love that you bring me flowers and balloons on my birthday 
  35. I love watching you connect with our boys with sports 
  36. I love when you bring home gadgets that I can use around the house 😃
  37. I love when you explore other places for me to see
  38. I love our time together, surprising me with our usual overnights at a bed and breakfast 
  39. I love that you still call me “Baby Gorgeous” (you’ve been doing this since our 20’s)
  40. I love that you make me feel safe
  41. I love that you always pull through 
  42. I love that you are manly and hot 🔥 
  43. I love that you smell good all the time 
  44. I love that you hold my hand in the movies
  45. I love that you’ll go out at night just to get milk for the next day
  46. I love that you make me laugh
  47. I love that you bring out the best in me
  48. I love that we always talk about deep stuff .. and silly things too 😊
  49. I love that you are a great friend to your friends
  50. I love that you give me butterflies 🦋 
  51. I love when you tell me stories from the past 
  52. I love when you call me in the middle of the day just to see how I’m doing 
  53. I love that you say “I love you” ❤️ mornings, days, and nights

I can go on and on! Happy Birthday to the man that taught me the true meaning of LOVE❣️