Since we were little we were taught to wash our hands to improve family health and to teach us good manners. I ask myself….what are the things that motivate people to wash their hands with soap? We wash our hands when we feel and see that our hands are dirty, when we feel disgust. We also wash our hands for clean living. We are trained to wash our hands after using the bathroom. But sometimes others don’t feel the need to do this. Not everyone is vigilant in washing their hands. Some are lazy and some just forget. How can anyone forget now that we are in these very unsettling times. Covid-19 has changed our lives! 

We all know that one of the most important ways we can prevent us all from getting sick is washing our hands with soap- for at least 20 seconds- As simple as that! 

But have we truly gotten used to doing this all our lives? Before we eat in a restaurant – after touching the menu and ordering our food? Before we touch our utensils? How about children who forget to wash their hands after using the toilet? How many times have you seen a sign in a public bathroom reminding employees to wash their hands before they go back to work? 

Our behavior has been challenged. Our health is in our hands. Literally in our hands! When this is over, I feel that the way we socialize will change. The way we clean our homes have already changed and will remain this way.. There will be—- “targeted hygiene” and “habitual hygiene” incorporated in our daily lives. Our eyes have been opened. Yes, it’s a lot more work. Just like bringing groceries home and having to wipe down bags, can goods and everything else. Disinfecting door knobs, faucets, refrigerator doors, handrails, cabinets, drawer knobs, keys, remote controls, phones, etc etc. — This will be our new norm. So it’s all up to us. It’s always been up to us but since we are in this crisis, we need sustainability in our behavior. 

I was telling my children that when someone sneezes, my thought would be not to say “God bless you” …… I would start saying, “God bless us” Hoping and praying that none of us get sick. 

My heart goes out to those who have succumbed to this nightmare. My heart goes out to those who are struggling, trying to make ends meet, those who have lost their jobs. My heart goes out to those who are mentally and emotionally affected. 

Respect ✊🏻 for all! For all feelings! We are all in this together- we all face different levels and magnitude of challenges. 

It’s been hard to process it all. But we are getting through it and a little positivity goes a long way. 

My prayers at night have gotten longer. Praying not only for my loved ones, but praying for every single person whom I don’t know names- people who have gone before us- people who are grieving- people who are fighting for their lives- people who are out in the battlefield- people who are in control of this war against this pandemic- and for all that are involved. We are in God’s mercy! 

We need the power of prayer 🙏🏻 

My contribution is to write about how it all starts at home. Let’s be vigilant with the simple routine of hand washing with soap. 

Stay home and save a life! 🙌🏻