I was driving one afternoon with my oldest son Max who’s 27 years old. We started talking about what this whole pandemic brought to all of us. What it has brought to humanity. He said to me that we are all on reset! We had this time to reflect and think about resetting everything about us as humans and resetting everything about the world!

Think about it? When you reset something on the computer you get to change passwords. You get to change information, usernames, and edit things you want. 

What this world wide pandemic gave us – is time to reset. So this is your chance…what do you want to reset in your life? What do you want to change in your life? Our eyes have been opened to a lot of things. Things unimaginable. Things we took for granted. A proven time to show how unpredictable life is. The fabric of life has changed. 

We as individuals will do things differently based on the different experiences we have had during Covid-19 Lockdown. 

We are to go back to living a new normal way of life and that being said- the reset button on all of us will definitely show as we connect with others.

It’s amazing how much we’ve learned about human contact. How important it is. How our mental and emotional health is just as important as our physical health. 

I want to say that it’s part of the PLAN. 

Could it be…. not the pandemic but the PLANdemic! 

God’s plan for us? Perhaps a much bigger plan that will reshape all of us? Look around and see all the changes not only in our personal lives but in our society. How sensitive matters have been, and how people are voicing out emotions. 

A lot of theories. But one thing is for sure… we cannot exist without each other. And together, we have all proven that — working together and being in it all together is a powerful antidote. 

As humans, any challenge we face makes us only stronger —— together! 

A simple conversation with my son inspired me to write this. And this honest dialogue will continue with my other 3 sons as well. 

As a mom, we not only need to discuss what is being dealt with in front of their eyes- but cultivating something much deeper  can be a lesson learned – that can be practiced and exercised in their future lives. 

As I always say to my children…”The greatest inheritance I will leave you are my words of wisdom. May it stay in your hearts and minds – and may you find it helpful as you apply it in your lives.” 🙏🏻😊❤️