This DIY project is such an easy way to add that special touch to your child’s celebration!

Try this amazing idea to create memories year after year – documenting fun times that will last a lifetime! 

You’ll have family and friends so impressed. Here are just a few steps you can do to make a very special birthday photo board for your child. 

  1. First you need a presentation board. Go to any office or school supply store and purchase a plain white board.You will also need glue, scissors and markers in a variety of colors.
  2. Lay out all your photos on the board and position them in a way where you think they would fit to your liking. When you are sure about the layout of your board, you can start gluing the photos on the board. By the way, you can use scissors to trim the photos. This will allow you to add more pictures and create a collage look on your board.
  3. Now is the fun part. Decorating! You can do as little or as much decorating you’d like. You can even get your child involved. Write your child’s name, his or her birthdate and anything fun that you can think of to describe your child.

Remember, there is no mistake in art. Your decorations on the board are your own, and your child’s personal expression. When you are completely done, place the board where your guests can view them.

I like to present my child’s “Birthday Photo Board” on  an easel—- in the entrance way of my party venue. 

In doing so, my guests can view the board as soon as they walk into the party. Another idea is to put the “Birthday Photo Board” on a table where the gifts are going to be placed. 

Do this project every year and before you know it, you’ll have a collection of these boards to enjoy for a lifetime! 

There are no rules in decorating. You can use sparkling glue to write things on the board. Cut out colored paper or make a border with buttons or macaroni shells. Fun scissors can be used to create different edges on your photos. The possibilities are endless. Here are some of the “Birthday Photo Boards” I’ve made.

Enjoy! 💖