One evening my son Trevor approached my husband and I while we were watching television. He was rambling about his plans, his career, being home, etc.

I turned off the tv and said to him, “Trevor, talk to Dad and I. What is it that you want to share?” 

So he sat down with us and started pouring his heart out. He explained that being 21 years old and still living at home-  doing his music and taking online classes isn’t working for him. He is lacking something that will take him to the level of being able to be effective in songwriting- and pursue his passion. He wants to experience more. 

The environment of being home has something to do with it all. Branching out and meeting new people, and experiencing more to life is harder if you are home at the age of 21. 

I remember that in 1988, I was 20 and had moved here to the States from the Philippines and my husband John who was born and raised in New Jersey went to Rome, Italy when he was 21 for part of his college. 

So we both totally understand where our son was coming from. As parents we want our children to succeed. We want them to be more successful than we are, to be better than we are. As parents, we feather our children and give them wings to fly!

This was a hard decision. Trevor will work, attend online classes, and pursue his dream in the music industry. We believe in his talent. A very gifted child. It’s in his genes. His grandmother, the late Ms Annie Brazil was a renowned jazz artist, as well as his uncle Richard Merk who is an amazing jazz performer, actor and also has a radio show in Manila. Both in the entertainment business in the Philippines. I, on the other hand, had also inherited this talent for singing, performing and songwriting. 

My take on this….If not now, when? My son has to give it a shot. What better place but Los Angeles, California to do his music. We live in the outskirts of NYC. He felt that going to the west coast is where he needs to be. 

Doing this leap into the unknown is what young aspiring people do. No fear! Thinking outside the box. How beautiful to feel free! When you are young, the world is yours. 

No commitments, no obligations but yourself. The pursuit of your dreams.

My son arranged his living situation- packed his things, planned this trip, got in his car and drove to L.A. with his brothers, Max who’s 27 years old and Luke who’s 20. Their friend Sean joined them for this 7 day road trip and planned an itinerary — a memory that will last a lifetime!

His brothers went with him for support and to be with him on this long drive. I couldn’t be more proud! 

The beauty of social media and our technology today is that communication is a breeze! FaceTime and shared location on your iPhone device makes it easier for a parent to deal with a situation like this. Can you imagine how parents did it back then? I thought to myself….. my mother must have been so broken when I left Manila in 1988. I remember her cry at the airport. I left for good. 

Funny how scenarios that come into our lives remind us of certain things that happened in our past. We sometimes forget what it was like to be young, wild , and free! 😊

I share with you this story as I enter the empty nest stage of my life. I’m not 100% there yet—— 

I thank God that it’s a process.

Life prepares us for this. There is power, and there’s an art of letting go! 

I cry when I need to and I focus on what my son is gaining. It’s a blessing to be part of our children’s journey.