This year, Halloween will surely look and feel different. It is such a fun time not only for kids, but for adults too! In this “New Normal” time of our lives, we all have to be creative in finding ways to protect ourselves and still enjoy this once a year festivity. 

Unfortunately, I will not be home to open my door and hand out candies this year. So my plan is to place a basket of candies right outside my door for “trick or treaters”. An orange light will be turned on, so the kids would know that they are welcome! 

It’s going to be challenging for mom’s who have little ones. I remember when mine were little and had to dress all four of them at the same time! I remember one kid will change his mind as to what he would like to be on the day we are all “trick or treating”. Of course having an extra costume during the school’s “Halloween Parade” is also an issue. And when invited to a “Halloween Party” one might just have to request to be a superhero this time instead of a dinosaur 🦖 lol 😆  Having 4 sons means dealing with 4 personalities. 

It was stressful but a lot of good times.

I remember my mother in law telling me back then how she did not like this holiday. She raised 6 children. She said that when they all came home from school to dress up for “trick or treating”,  it was chaos and confusion. I can only imagine! Melt downs and what not. Dressing up all 6 kids with their individual costumes could be a huge undertaking!

She is one of those moms who also sew her children’s costumes. She was good with the sewing machine.  There are a lot of moms who are so creative that they make their own child’s costumes. 

I wasn’t one of them.

Gone are the days where I would put my four little munchkins in my minivan, and off we go to “Party City”, or a “Halloween Pop-up” store to try on costumes. Opening packages and repacking them as we decide which looks best and fits well. 

It wasn’t easy especially if the costume fits right in the body part but long on their legs— which means, I would have to shorten and hem the bottom of it. Oh boy! The process was a nightmare, but the outcome was fulfilling! 

I still have their first Halloween baby costumes tucked away in a sealed Rubbermaid container in my storage room. The other costumes I’ve donated. I look at the old pictures and reminisce. I remember 2 of my kids in a double stroller, and 2 who would walk beside me with their Dad, as we strolled down our neighborhood streets, knocking from door to door, screaming…. “trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!” Ha! Ha! Ha! 

Can I add that some parents would walk around with spiked coffee in their hands. And I was one of them 😆 lol. It definitely kept me warm and it was enjoyable doing this family affair with other family friends. It became a tradition for our neighborhood friends. We  would gather and pick a time where we would all walk together with our children. 

It was so much fun.

When “trick or treating” was over, the kids were so excited to go home and count the candies they had gotten. They would form a circle and trade the ones they didn’t like for the ones they like.

Ahhhhh…. memories! 

Halloween is such a fun time to express yourself and dress differently than you would normally do. 

Due to this pandemic, Halloween will surely be different but we all already know what to do to keep us safe. Let’s just follow CDC guidelines so that we can all enjoy and greet each other….. 

“Happy Halloween” 👻 🎃