Waking up in the morning and knowing that you have a purpose gives meaning to life. 

I see a lot of older women in hospitals volunteering their time. For them, this is their purpose … work keeps you busy. 

In my case….. a few years back when my 4 sons became of age, where they all started doing their own individual things, whether in school or at work, I found myself to be alone at home, trying to keep myself busy with house chores. Sometimes coffee and lunch dates with friends. 

But you see— as the years went on, I realized how important it was for my mental health to engage with work. Work outside the home.

It gave me purpose. It got me up and running. It gave me the opportunity to challenge myself. 

Better myself, most importantly, work gave me my individuality. 

So now with the pandemic we are all experiencing, and the lockdown back in March— I was out of work for 4 months. Mind you, having everyone home made me very busy! Cooking, laundry, and the upkeep of the house. 

It is much different busyness being at the place where I work. There I got to engage and talk to different types of people. I am so giving of myself that I search to inspire souls. My gift is human connection. 

I’m always looking to improve myself. 

It is both healthy for my mind, body, and spirit! And the good news is…… I was called back in to work last July. I am grateful for this! 

I will not deny that the months I’ve been home have made me contemplate working vs staying home…the truth of the matter is, it’s just not in me to sit around. 

It’s not good for my well being. I am creative and active and I need to channel it somewhere. 

Thankfully I have this blog. I recommend that if you are not working outside your home, channel your energy and creativity into projects or hobbies that you enjoy.

We all need to keep our minds busy. This will give you purpose and have a sense of accomplishment. 🙌🏻