For me, Christmas spirit starts at home. Every year, before Thanksgiving, I start decorating the outside part of my house. I hang lights above my garage doors and I wrap lights around my mailbox. I also wrap a lighted garland on the staircase of my entryway. I love coming home from Thanksgiving dinner and seeing the lights all lit up in my home the same way I love seeing the streets and other homes adorned with decorations.

The day after Thanksgiving is when I fully decorate the inside of my house. It has become a tradition with my family. I enjoy putting the ornaments up and stringing lights in our Christmas tree. I hang Christmas wreaths and tie bows. I put out blankets and Christmas decorative pillows to create a wonderful Christmas holiday atmosphere for all to enjoy. 

I put up my Christmas village which consists of 8 ceramic houses, with miniature people, dogs, lights and sounds. This has become my son Jake’s favorite! He’s my youngest. Although it’s a lot of work, I put it up to see his eyes light up! 

To add to the festive feel of Christmas, I put out my Christmas Tableware to eat December meals! It’s just so festive to have tablecloths that compliment these special pieces. From sugar bowls to dinner plates, napkins, napkin holders and even fun decorated Christmas kitchen towels. These are things you can do in your home to bring some Christmas cheer! 

I decorate every nook and cranny of my home. Battery operated candles as well as lighting candles are also a must to complete the holiday look and feel of the Christmas spirit. 

I do it- not only for my children, but for the feeling of joy that it brings me. I look around my home and absorb it all! 

It does bring me back to childhood memories – also to when the kids were little. 

Adding to the Christmas spirit is playing Christmas songs. So put on the music! 

I love listening to Christmas music when I am wrapping gifts 🎁,  when decorating, when cooking, and when I’m just sitting by the Christmas tree with my husband. 

Another way of adding to the Christmas spirit is having the smell of freshly baked cookies. Having sweets around the house. I usually buy Hershey Kisses that are wrapped in Christmas colored foil. Serving hot chocolate and warm milk to the kids. Time spent gathering around the kitchen and around the Christmas tree. 

It has also become a tradition where we would pick Christmas movies to watch all together. This has become a bit of a challenge. We vote on what’s the most popular one. My husband’s favorite Christmas movie of all time is “It’s a wonderful life” and “Miracle on 34th Street”. 

The kids love the more modern ones. 

Nevertheless, we all give in to each other’s preference. 

Love is the key ingredient. It fuels the soul to create that Christmas spirit. I believe that having all the trimmings brings a wonderful sense of warmth and love to each and every member of the family, and also to those who enter my loving home. 

Make your home shine and sparkle this Christmas time.