💜 Hello my dear readers 🥰 I am so happy to announce the 1st Anniversary of my blog❣️

This is a milestone for me. When I started a year ago, my goal was to share and express my thoughts and life experiences, hoping that I can inspire and bring light to people who may just be going through the same journey 🙌🏻. 

When I launched this in the beginning of last year, I had a list of topics for the entire 12 months. Not anticipating major 😲 changes in my life—- and yours too!!! Who would have thought that we would encounter a world 🌎 wide pandemic 😷. 

The lockdown happened mid March of last year— and brought so much fear and uncertainty to all. So the stories I was planning to write about for this blog were altered. I had to focus on real time. Being ordered to stay home —-gave me so much time to reflect. On the past and present 💝 I’m sure you too.

So I wrote about the challenges we all faced. In spite of the difficulties and adjustments we all had to endure, something very good 😌 came out of it. 

The precious time spent with family brought us all together and much closer I must say. 

As I write ✍️ stories of coping, and life experiences on my blog, the time spent home helped me create short video clips as I talk about positivity 😇 and share words of wisdom. These videos can be watched on my Instagram and on my “YouTube” channel.

My blog filled up with what I have journaled through the years—- again , hoping to reach out readers just like you 💟💟💟

Now in my 2nd year, I plan to reach new heights. As always, I try for more improvement in my life. In June, I will be turning 53 years old. There are more to share as I create openness and receptivity to everything around me. 

I just want to thank you all for being part of my journey. The year 2020 had 53 weeks and I was able to write 46 stories❣️ WOW 🤩 

I share with you my feeling of personal fulfillment 🥰. My determination made it possible.

When friends ask me….”What do you plan to do with this blog?”  Or another question would be…. “Why are you doing this?” 🤔🤔🤔 

My answer…..”Because it simply makes me happy!”

Have you heard of the saying …. “The giver is the happiest.” And by sharing my life, I feel that I am giving a big part of me so I could touch people. 

You see my friends, the key to feeling renewed is to constantly reinvent yourself. 

I am so proud that I was able to truly practice these 2 words ….”sustainability” and “renewability”

These words I put into my work. 

Challenge yourself, have personal goals. What you do for you is what will make you grow.  

So without further ado….. 

Happy 1st  Anniversary 💐💐💐💐