Every time I walk into a Thai restaurant a feel that I just belong. I’m proud to say that I was born in Bangkok and have traveled quite a few times to Thailand. 

As we get older our food becomes more than just food. The food we eat becomes an experience. It’s one of the many pleasures we do as we get older. We make choices on what restaurant to go to and what cuisine we feel like eating. It is important that we have a gratifying time when we eat our food. My recommendation is that if you have not tried Thai food, then do your taste buds a favor, there’s nothing more exciting than exploring this cuisine that bursts in many different flavors. 

You see, Im half Asian, so this kind of cuisine does very well for my palette. I just love it! Funny that when my husband John and I were dating, we would not miss on going to our favorite Thai Restaurant in Hackensack, N.J. called Bangkok Garden. And that restaurant is still at the same location to this very day. It must be there for over 30 years! 

Twenty five years ago you wouldn’t see or hear Americans indulge in this cuisine compared to the number of people now enjoying and talking about this type of food. Thai restaurants popping from big cities to small towns. 

We live in northern New Jersey. 25 miles from the Big Apple. No need to travel far just to enjoy one of my favorite foods to eat. In Wyckoff, N.J. there is a small intimate Thai Restaurant that’s very hard to get in if you do not have reservations. It’s called “Wyckoff THAI” There is also “GAO” in Ramsey, N.J. There are tons of Thai Restaurants. Between Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. 

I’ve introduced this taste to my children at an early age. When Thai food comes to mind the first thing they’ll order is the Thai Iced Tea. This is my favorite too! It’s rich, milky, not too sweet, just really refreshing and delightful. My husband’s favorite is Pad See Ew (Thai Stir Fried Noodles) it’s a bit salty and sweet balanced with a touch of sour and a wonderful chargrilled flavor. It’s probably the most popular noodle dish at Thai restaurants in Western countries. I like it too. And what I like about it is that you can choose ordering it with chicken or beef. The chinese broccoli gives texture to this amazing dish. For appetizers I usually order curry puffs or thai spring rolls. Over all, there is nothing not to like with Thai food. There’s sweet, salty, and there’s hot flavors. It has all the great food elements. Once you get hooked on the flavors there is no turning back. 

The rice I cook at home is Jasmine Rice, which is the most popular accompaniment in Thai cooking. Rice is mainly eaten with curry dishes. You’ll even find sticky rice in their dessert. My favorite is the Mango with sticky rice. I’ve prepared this simple dish at home using coconut milk. It is very simple and addictive. Thai cuisine is certainly unique getting its own spin from centuries of Chinese influences. I can go on and on about the different spices and rave about each and every dish there is, but let me just stop here and strongly recommend that the next time you are willing to go exotic on your taste buds, try Thai! 

Sawadee Ka!