Do you typically get a gift bag, stuff some tissues in it and voila!! You’re done wrapping your gift.

But wouldn’t it be nice if we just put a little thought in wrapping our presents? Here are 5 creative ways to add that extra touch in gift giving. 

Natural Elements: I used the back of brown paper bags I get from the supermarket and wrapped this present with it. I then got a yarn, some greenery, and pinecones. I brushed some glue and sprinkled some silver dust to add some shiny texture to my presentation. A bit of detail makes all the difference! 

The Plaid: This cozy plaid wrapping paper screams “Christmas”! Making it more festive by simply taking a few of your basic ornaments (preferably colors red and green) that you already have and string it in the ribbon you’re using. Tie a bow and there you have it! 

Snowman ☃️: How much fun is this? Grab a couple ping pong balls, a glue gun, an orange and black sharpie, and a small piece of black felt paper. Wrap your box with any kind of snowman wrapping paper. Before gluing the 2 ping pong balls together, using your sharpies, draw the face of your snowman, and the buttons on his belly ? make a small hat ? using the black felt paper, then glue it on top of the head of your snowman. Glue the 2 ping pong balls together. Curl some white curly ribbons, and glue a few more balls all over to complete the wintery scene ❄️❄️❄️ 

Candy Cane Stripes: I wanted to use real candy canes on this present but I didn’t have it on hand. So what I did was, I looked for something that would compliment the stripes. I used 3 Christmas Napkin Holders and tied them all together. After tying them tightly- spread them apart to create a bow like feel to these rings. I then used a satin red ribbon to wrap around the box. Lastly, I glued the rings as the bow of this present ? 

Drawstring Burlap Gift Bag: This I find so unique and easy! Visit your local craft store or the dollar store to find these gift bags. There’s so many ways to make this present so festive. I decided to just keep it simple by wrapping a red satin ribbon around it. I glued a pine cone and a decorative plastic holly to complete the holly-jolly look ?