What a Year! A year to remember! 2020 has taught us all the different meanings behind “Faith”, “Love”, and “Charity”. Our lives were challenged. With all the uncertainties and losses, we realize the pros and cons of this pandemic —— the effects to each and everyone of us. 

We go on with our lives with care…cautious with our actions and surroundings. Some may not believe the importance of it and are defiant with regulations. But as a whole, I believe that the saying is true…. “We are all in this together.” 

Our experiences may differ from one another, but there’s one thing we’ve all learned….how to treasure ?? time on this planet earth. And that there are things in this world ? that is beyond anyone’s control. It doesn’t choose the color of your skin….the money ?, or power ? you have. 

The human race, with all its spirit, has proven to be resilient. We’ve learned to adapt and our patience has been tested. Life goes on, and the show must go on. 

A different outlook in life this time. As we enter 2021, we can only hope that whatever it is that we have all learned from the past year will be lived on. The unexpected pause in life opened our eyes. It was surely a wake up call. Let’s continue to have….

FAITH ~ ?? That we continue to have an unwavering, strong, and firm belief that as a human race we can protect what’s ours. Grow in faith with God ??  and with one another. 

LOVE ~ ❤️ That the true meaning stays in our hearts as we navigate these trying times. Love that will teach us patience and respect for each other’s fears and dispositions in life. 

CHARITY ~ ?? That our hands reach out to those who are in need. That we realize that all struggles are real. To make a difference through helping the less fortunate, and who were greatly affected by this pandemic.

Let’s appreciate the freedom we have and not take anything for granted. 

GOODBYE ? 2020….. HELLO ? 2021❣️

Here is a video that sums it all up. This video was created with Faith and Hope in mind. “There is a Miracle” is a song I was inspired to compose and sing as I focus on the brighter days to come, to give enlightenment on every challenge that each and every one of us encounter in our daily lives. We all have different struggles and experiences. Respect ✊? for all! In anything that comes our way… Have Faith, Have Hope, and Believe “There is a Miracle!” ??