Phew!!!! Thank God it’s over ? ! Can I just tell you what an experience it was. January 5th, my youngest son of 4, Jake, texted me in the afternoon saying “Mom, my Covid test results came back, and I am positive!” Now my first thought and reaction was to rush to him and give him a hug. I wanted to make him feel that it’s going to be all good. But wait!!!! I can’t do that! 

Jake needs to quarantine. I moved him to a room where he’ll have his own bathroom. Room service and housekeeping was in effect with all disposable tableware and everything was being delivered to him for “pickup only” right outside his bedroom door. ?

Jake took a Covid test because he was going back to college in Charleston, South Carolina. Now none of us would have known that he was positive because he did not display any kind of symptoms. Can you imagine how many people are walking around with absolutely no symptoms but are positive? This makes me think. ?

I had a full house. There are 6 of us in my family. Jake being positive puts us all in quarantine too! 

So the rest of us get tested the following day. We got the rapid and PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests just to cover all the bases. 

Now- did you know that if you test negative on your rapid test – you could be a “false negative”? But if you test positive on a rapid test, this is enough to prove that your test is accurate. 

That being said, my son Trevor tested positive on his rapid test the following day. The rest of us were negative on both tests except for my husband John who’s rapid came out negative but his PCR positive. So his test was a “false negative”.

At this point I had 2 kids in the same bedroom and my husband in our room with his own bathroom. I’m grateful that we have the room for this situation. Room service hours were extended lol ? and I am in full force! Trying not to exhaust myself too much—- and keep myself away from everyone- I now had to sleep in my other son’s room and him on the couch. And that’s how we play musical ? beds ? in our home. 

The loads of laundry I had to do was ginormous! The amount of cleaning to disinfect our surroundings was unending ?

At this point, my sons and I had to get another round of tests being that we have been exposed to 3 of our family members. 

This time around, my son Luke’s rapid test came up positive, but me and my son Max’s test came up negative — but wait…… Max and I were “false negative” since our rapid tests were negative but both our PCR’s were positive! Ugh ?‍♀️ So confusing! Oh well…. I moved to the couch and gave Max his room back. 

I must say, I was most comfortable sleeping on my couch ?  I stared at my Christmas tree ?( that’s still up since I just can’t get around to putting it down.) which gave me a feeling of calmness ??. 

When all said and done, my entire family has Covid! You can’t make this up. How I wished we all had it at the same date. So now our dates of ending our quarantine are all staggered. 

When I found out that my PCR was positive – I screamed out loud …. “Everyone, get out of your rooms, mom has Covid!!!” 

My sons said…. they have not seen anyone so thrilled to have gotten Covid.

I was just so happy that we can all roam around the house ? with no restrictions. Which only means that room service is closed! Lol ? 

Everyone can get their own drinks and food and my kitchen is back to its regular operating hours. 

As we all know, getting Covid isn’t a joke. It cannot be taken lightly. When my sons Luke and Max were waiting for our test results, Max said that he’ll bite the bullet if and when my results come out positive. He did not care at this point. My kids were nonchalant with their own selves— they were more concerned about us their parents being that we are older. 

My sons would sit on the couch with me and wrap their arms around me. I felt their worries. 

During our quarantine, there were friends, family, and neighbors who stepped up in getting our groceries and even sending us cooked ? meals. The outpouring of love ❤️ were definitely felt and we truly appreciate it.

Now that we all had Covid, the question is —- can we get it again? Getting tested for antibodies is another option to get the answer. 2021 surely started with a bang ?. Just like the year before, this is one for the books.