What does Triumph mean to you? As we all know, it means victory! An achievement, to win, to succeed! As I was reading about parts of a Balanced and Meaningful Life…. I came across Joseph Thompson’s, “Founder for Good” blog. 

He observed that there are 8 parts of a well balanced and meaningful life. And he desires to strengthen his own life and share his discoveries in the following areas:

  • Physical 
  • Mental
  • Work
  • Financial 
  • Family 
  • Social 
  • Leisure 
  • Spiritual      

Everyone has a different perception on how these parts correlate to one another. 

I began researching about the different parts of our lives. Dissecting each part, trying to connect the dots so to speak. 

I talk about the “triumph of life” platform —- because this is one discovery that I have found to be effective. With all the different parts, stages and struggles we go through in our lives, spirituality for me is the guiding force of everything that has to do with getting through, and getting to the point of fulfilling our intentions . 

I find that as we get older, we become more spiritual. Spirituality for me is the source of energy. Medical miracles happen through spirituality. Fending for another, charity, hope and faith, all comes from one source. The power of prayer ?? is undeniably true! 

A grateful and blessed heart. 

So here on my personal blog, I would like to share my advocacy! I’m at a point in my life where I will not be allowed to be faulted in sharing what I believe in.

I grew up Catholic and attended 13 years practicing Christian Faith at my Alma Mater which is Philippine Christian University. From Nursery, Kindergarten, all the way through college. It was a great combination. My mother would teach us the Catholic way. Going to Catholic Church on Sundays. And during school days, I attended bible studies. 

I had my moments in my life, I will admit – that I felt confused. I had a lot of questions about the church. 

But like I said, as I got older my personal life experiences drew me closer to God. My spiritual relationship with God is personal and it was n something I would not talk about. 

But going back  to the power of prayer and being part of a community that shares the same faith and have the same truth brings me to this new age of social connection. 

Let me share with you a place where there is no judgment, no negativity, and no trolls!

“Triumph of Life”  is the only one of its kind. 

A social media platform that connects people from different parts of the world, with different ethnicity, different walks of life but have one common goal. 

The goal to strengthen one another’s faith through sharing life’s godly experiences, creating a support system through prayers and other charitable works.

Let’s encourage and improve our Spiritual Life to the highest degree by being part of the 

“Triumph of Life” community. 

See you there! https://triumphoflife.org/