It has been a year since we started masking our faces! I don’t think I can recognize people without their masks on. Truthfully, eye contact has been the way we have been conversing and it truly shows one’s inner emotions. 

But how do we maintain staying positive while we are still masking up? For a lot of us women, “Looking good, Feeling Good” has been our go-to, life long motto, and covering our faces prevents us to show off our smiles and painted faces.

But wait, it does not have to be that way…. so it’s been a year  and we have all been creative in wearing our masks. We have nighttime and daytime looks. Cute adorable prints and solid color masks to express our moods that have been part of our “outfit” so to speak. 

Our masks have become part of our expression. 

My tips on how to look and feel your best while wearing a face mask:

First is to make sure you moisturize your entire face. Any part of your face that’s hidden behind the mask will end up drying over time, and to prevent this you need to make sure that moisturizing is a big part of your daily routine. While you are at it, LIP MOISTURIZER is a MUST! I use Burts Bee ? hydrating lip oil.

So here are just a few tips on what my daily routine consists of.

Eyebrows: I brush it upwards and use a brow brush. My favorite eyebrow powder is from Benefit Cosmetics. It has 2 shades in it and I get to choose from it. Darker of course at night. 

Eyelashes: This is my secret, and if you decide to do it, pls very careful! 

So, before I curl my eyelashes, I heat up my eyelash curler with my blower on low setting, just so that I would get a much – lasting curl from it.

Mascara: I like to have dark thick long eyelashes. Don’t we all!!! So I use Innisfree Volumecara. What’s good about this product is that-  it doesn’t smear and it’s easy to remove. 

Highlight: To make my eyes pop- out, I use Yves Saint Laurent’s Touché Clat. I’ve been using this for many years! There are 2 shades of this. I use 01 which belongs to the ivory tone family. I give it two pumps and start brushing the applicator under my eyes, under my eyebrows and above my eyebrows too. That’s just the way I do it. I blend it well. 

And the rest of my Day to Night Makeup routine is in this video ⬇️ Make sure to watch it’s entirety to see my tips on wearing a mask on. 

Enjoy ?