This is the 10th week of the lockdown. People’s spirits have been affected. Some people’s energy is not at its best. Tensions are high. A lot of us are at their wits end. We are all trying to do everything we can- to get through our days. I get up in the morning, have my cup of coffee and put on News 12 NJ, to find out if there are any changes in reopening New Jersey.

There are many variations in how states are reopening. As I was driving today, I turned on my radio and started listening to a talk show that had people call in and pour out their frustrations due to lack of information. 

Some states are reopening their businesses and it still feels very concerning. New York has been hit the hardest and New Jersey is second to that. There is an overwhelming guideline and recommended procedure for – if and when businesses re-open. The detailed plan of government officials states that- more testing to be done and contact tracing of people who were tested positive. 

We are not entirely safe from this virus. We all know that. Until a vaccine is available for all of us, our daily lives will continue just like now… masks, gloves, constant disinfecting, and constant worry for our children and aging parents. But…. LIFE GOES ON! 

There is no denying, this new normal isn’t going to be easy. How can it be? There is no assurance. It’s like the “unluck” of the draw. 

There is only so much we can do. The government has given us all the information we need to know…. the rest is up to us! 

Different measures will be taken once we are all back in business. In some states, you’ll see restaurants open with tables that are set up 6 feet apart. A clothing store in another state in the south opened but no dressing room for trying on clothes. Here in New Jersey, dental and medical offices are now taking patients. Businesses have to spend thousands of dollars purchasing items to prepare their facility to meet CDC guidelines.

I recently went to see my good friend and dentist for over 20 years, Dr. John Carabuena. His office is located in Paramus, New Jersey.

Dr. Carabuena and his entire dental staff worked vigorously to meet all criteria of the CDC sanitation protocol, even adding an air purifier. This visit made me feel so reassured of my safety and theirs too. 

This is our new normal. Everyone’s experiences aren’t going to be the same. Some are more nervous than others…. more afraid. Some are confident…and some are just so over this.

This is our new way of living. It will take time to get used to all the changes. 

We are all in God’s Mercy! 🙏🏻