As we get older, our skin gets drier. Our once plump, tight, and dewy skin loses elasticity and becomes dull. Cheeks lose fat and you feel that there’s a difference around your chin/jawline (jowls). Our skin is getting matured. Face lines, brown spots, wrinkles you name it—- production of oil isn’t there anymore and as we all know, cells aren’t turning over as much as they did in our 20s or 30s.

I was told that washing with warm water isn’t good either; it strips off the skin from its natural oils. Oh boy! 

As we get older, the products we used then may not be the right one for our maturing skin now. Living in an area where there are four seasons requires changing skin regimen. There is so much to do with upkeep. 

But to simplify it, I would like to share my skin routine in 10 easy steps: 

I CLEANSE my skin using a brush to help exfoliate- in this way it will leave my skin looking brighter.

I then spray a TONER… I feel my skin settling after a few sprays.

I put on SERUMS – Vitamin C to help get rid of dullness.

I put on a light Retinol SERUM for my maturing skin. 

I then use Hyaluronic Acid – this keeps the moisture locked in.

I use a moisturizer with SPF — I dot it all over my face and softly spread it evenly- then pressing to add pressure as a form of wakening my skin.       

I then put on a LIP BALM to prevent crack or chapped lips.

I would like to add that I use a MASK 1-2x a week. 

I put on Hydrogel Eye Patches under my eyes.

I leave it on for however long I need to – if home doing chores…. I have it on. It refreshes the eyes and helps with eye bags and wrinkles. 

I also make time to put on my Ledlight Therapy Mask that helps stimulate the collagen of my skin. It reduces inflammation and the appearance of sun spots and uneven skin tones. 

To achieve a dewy look…. just brush your eyebrows… put mascara on …. a little blush….. and your lip gloss! 

That’s it ❤️