I’m a 52 year old woman who’s experiencing some changes in my body. Lately I’ve been having a hard time sleeping. I get up in the middle of the night – sweating or just need to put my hair up and sometimes have to even change my clothes because it is soaking wet. 

My husband and I would argue about the temperature in our room. It would be the dead of the winter and I would open windows. Who would’ve thought? 

I am not just talking about body temperature changes. Let me add, metabolism, energy, and mood swings? 

How healthy is it that we are able to talk about this. I asked my mother when she was still alive— I asked her if she ever experienced something like this. She replied- “I did not pay attention to those things.” 

I guess women back in the day have  always been a generation where stress was not entertained—  and the word “depressed” was not heard as much as we hear it now.

My mother has never once said those two words, “stressed” and “depressed”. She just went with the flow.  

Now that it is happening to me, I do know what’s happening to my body and I do know the changes. It is important to communicate it with your children and your husband. Because no one else would understand what you are going through. 

No two people are alike. I decided to write this so I may connect with people just like me-  and know that this is not a permanent thing.

Yes it sucks! But…..

I want to look at the situation as an opportunity to better myself-  let’s challenge our patience -take care of our bodies… distract ourselves from our own self —-there are many ways – it’s all about understanding oneself. 

It is an awareness of your own body and your own  emotional and mental state. So for all the women out there who are in the same boat as I am, let’s not allow this roller coaster of motion and body changes destroy what is so beautiful in front of us. 

A new stage, a new chapter of our lives, this is just a journey to get there—-  the path to get to the next stage in life. 

So, let’s enjoy the ride! 

Here are some of the supplements I take to make this phase of my life bearable.

“Evening Primrose Oil” – it helps reduce my hot flashes! 

“PMS Nutrients” – an effective supplement that can help in symptoms of PMS.. Recommended by my doctor! 

Also ….don’t forget how exercise is a very big factor in releasing endorphins which is your happy 😃 hormones!

Vitamin D – So I went for my bloodwork and my results came in as highly deficient on Vitamin D! My doctor recommended 5,0000 mg of it. 

No wonder I was feeling anxious and down. Studies have shown that low levels of this vitamin were linked to higher levels of depression and anxiety!

Iron – Yup! I’m always tired 😴 feeling lethargic and lacking energy! Iron is an important component of hemoglobin. Monthly heavy periods – and not having enough iron puts you at risk- for Anaemia! It’s short for lack of iron. So I’m taking this too! 

***** Make sure you tell your doctor about how you are feeling during this transitional time of your life. When asked if I felt depressed- I wasn’t embarrassed or shy to share how I truly felt. Thank God that we can talk about it!