It’s March 30th, and it marks the 3rd Monday that we are all asked to stay home. We are all going on our third week of social distancing and we are dealing with a very ugly situation. 

There are a lot of uncertainties. Some people are in isolation and are feeling very depressed. Some have imaginations that have gone wild – and that creates fear in us. The circumstances that we are facing have definitely challenged our mental and emotional state. 

I say to you..

Stay strong my friends! We can get through it! Let’s keep our minds busy. 

We need to focus on positivity. I suggest not to indulge too much on the news that sometimes freaks us out. It’s just way too much information that can be very overwhelming. 

Focus on the relationships we have with our children and spouses. Take a hold of this opportunity to let relationships grow – because when it’s over— what we’ve learned from one another will only deepen the foundations we have— when we get back to our daily routines. 

These are precious times with our families. I have to believe that there is something so wonderful that will come from this. 

Let’s pray and claim it!

There is freedom in being trapped in our homes. These are times for reflections, remembering memories, and we need to hold onto it. 

Let’s truly engage with one another — reconnect.

Of course the days we are facing are long if we don’t try to map it out. It’s a mindset. Planning your days will surely help. We are all in the same boat. Therefore, we are all in this together! 

I would like to share with you some ways to get through your days.

(aside from cooking, cleaning, and laundry ?)

  • Take out your old home videos and start watching them. Seeing my kids when they were toddlers put so much joy in my heart.

  • Connect with nature. It’s free therapy. Go for a walk or just sit outside to get some Vitamin D and fresh air. Contemplate. 

  • Give your skin some TLC! Put a mask on. You can also deep moisturize your hair and scalp to kill time. Things you don’t usually have time to do when on your regular work routine. 

  • Make a special treat for your kids. It could be a favorite cookie or a cake. 

  • Do a project around the house. Tackle one of those closets that truly need attention – that you have not gotten the time to attend to- because of other priorities. 
  • Go through old photos. Perhaps organize them in an album or just place them in an empty shoe box and label. 
  • Get to the bottom of your freezer! This is the time to defrost the meats that you are still able to cook and get rid of the items you know you’ll never eat or are able to cook (due to freezer burn).
  • Put away all your Fall/ Winter clothes. It’s time for Spring and that means Spring Cleaning! 
  • Movie night or Binge on a Netflix Series with your family. 
  • Exercise. Turn on the music and dance like there’s no one watching.       
  • Read a book. I recommend a self help book.
  • Call a friend you have not spoken to in a long time. Reconnect.

Let’s all pray for our health and healing. Let’s keep inspiring one another!