Hey friends, I would like to share with you a product that has been part of my daily routine now. Being confined to my house these past few weeks has given me more time to be more innovative with this product. It’s called Wowables®. After my paper towel was all used up, and I couldn’t purchase anymore in the stores, I decided to find “More Uses” for my Wowables®

Wowables® is a biodegradable, reusable and compostable paper towel! I would like to disclose that this product is actually a product that my husband‘s company had launched a few months ago. I was skeptical at first when he brought it home. My family has been so used to using paper towels. It’s easy and convenient. But when I see our trash can filled with paper towels I feel guilty. 

Observe your family, your children, watch how much we all use paper towels, tear after tear after tear! I’ve seen this for a very long time and it sickens me how wasteful we have become. We go through rolls and rolls of paper towels like it’s water and it’s darn expensive! 

So now that I’m using Wowables®, we’re given a chance to lessen our garbage and lessen filling up our landfills. It’s a great feeling knowing that you are contributing to being eco- friendly! Friendly to the environment and friendly to your wallets. ? 

So nonetheless, let me share with you the surprising ways I discovered using Wowables®!

As moms we are constantly cooking. cleaning and disinfecting our surroundings. 

So I really put this product to the test. Yes, I want to save and all, but I also need convenience in my life. To my surprise, this product did so much more than what I expected! 

These past weeks while being on lockdown (and still is now)  I was able to clean every surface in the house that needed to be cleaned. I disinfected every surface by using ¼ cup Clorox per 32 ounces of water, soaked a sheet of Wowables® – and off I went to attack all the door knobs in our home. Light switches, remote controls, tv buttons, cellphones, keys etc. etc. I was able to do this effectively.

I also use a dry sheet of Wowables® to dry my dishes and kitchen countertop. I replaced my sponge and instead, used a sheet of Wowables® to wash my dishes. When I’m done with it, I put it in the dishwasher or washing machine so I could clean and disinfect it for my next use. I have so many uses and I was not one bit worried about running out of paper towels. This is my story. Not only am I doing something good for the environment, I’m also saving my family a ton of money!

Here are some examples of what I use my Wowables® for:

  • I use it to soak up heavy spills!
  • I experimented on slicing a roll of Wowables® – in half. Then I got a plastic container and created my own homemade dispenser. It was so easy to do this since it is a tubeless core. And it soaked up the Clorox solution I made. 
  • Clorox solution to disinfect door knobs, toilet handles, car keys, refrigerator handles, faucets, computers, etc., etc.

  • I use it to dry my dishes.
  • I use one dry sheet to dry my kitchen counters after I spray disinfectant spray  or Windex on it.

  • I use it to wipe down my bathroom sink,
  • my kitchen sink, my bathroom counters.
  • I use a sheet of Wowables® instead of using a sponge to wash my dishes.     
  •  I use a sheet of Wowables® to help me remove stains from a carpet. It doesn’t tear like a paper towel. 
  • I also discovered that it was amazing when I used it to clean my car- inside and out. It was tough and durable.
  • I take one sheet of Wowables® and use it on my Swiffer Mop instead of spending so much money on Swiffer refills!

  • I have also used it as a cold compress. Wet one sheet. Wring excess water. Fold in 3 folds. Put inside a ziplock bag and put inside your freezer. It lasts and it works! Bring it to your kids sporting events and can be used to cool them off by placing it behind their necks or foreheads. Keeps canned drinks cooler too!

  • Tear a sheet and spray pledge on it. Use it to dust and shine your furniture.

  • I also use it to wipe down my glass sliding doors, glass table, and windows! No smudge! 
  • Use it as a potholder! Fold a dry sheet a few times to make sure heat won’t pass through it. 
  • if you don’t have a Trivet, use a few sheets and place them together as a mat to put under any hot pot or casserole- to avoid damage to your table or counter.
  • It can be used to keep your veggies and herbs fresh! Moisten a sheet of Wowables® and wrap your veggies/ herbs and place in your fridge. 
  • Use sheets in between your pots and pans to keep them from scratching one another. And for cast iron skillets, it does wonders! It prevents them from rusting. 
  • I use it as a liner inside my kitchen cabinet to protect the glass rims of my drinking glasses. 

There are so many uses and I’m sure that I will come up with more! I’ll keep you all posted!

Let’s be kind to our environment. Let’s be kind to our wallets. I’m speaking through experience and I guarantee that once you’ve tried it, you’ll love it ? 

Wowables®, it’s biodegradable, compostable, and reusable! The only paper towel you’ll ever need!

If you would like to try it, visit their website at www.wowables.tv and if you use my promo code: RAW20, when you buy 1 roll, you’ll get the 2nd roll for half the price!