Do you feel overwhelmed? Depleted by physical and emotional exhaustion? 

Then you need to remember these 2 words….. SELF – CARE

Self-care is so important to our overall health. Self-Care and Self- Help, although may be totally different from one another are both intertwined in my opinion. 

Funny but this generation that we are in – talks so much about focusing on self-care, self-help, even self-love! You see this all the time on social media- hashtag—- #selfcare,  #metime,  #selflove etc etc 

I for one talk about feeding one’s soul with positivity. I find enjoyment channeling my energy through creating positive videos that I post on my YouTube channel, as well as writing this blog- this is a big part of my own “Self-Help” which is part of my own personal growth.

You see….anything you do-  to better yourself is always an “Upgrade”. Personal development starts with self-care.

Self-care is vital. But how come some of us fail to take care of ourselves? I know for a fact that most of us mothers—- we  tend to put our time taking care of our children and husbands first. The “Me-time” is usually last on the list. But what if we start prioritizing and organizing our time? Creating a routine and sticking to it?

If we can just discipline ourselves and be consistent with a few self-care habits, we can put balance into our lives. And in doing so—— we can avoid getting into that “burnout mode”.

Let’s self-regulate! We need the ability to control our behavior by committing ourselves to taking good care of our bodies, emotions, and minds.

There’s a lot we can do- but each and one of us differ based on our needs. 

Here are some basic things we can incorporate to master the skill of self-care. 

Sleep – I know I can’t function well if I don’t get enough sleep- 8 hours preferably…Just like a baby, if I’m depleted of sleep – crankiness kicks in! 

Eat Right – Now what you put in your gut determines how your body feels. I know that if I eat a lot of sugary foods I start getting the rush yet feel sluggish afterwards. Being mindful of what you put in your body-  this is a huge part of your self care routine.

Exercise – Just to be able to get the blood flowing and get you moving is vital to your body and mind. Yoga is one of my favorite exercises that focuses on being mindful not only on yourself but your surroundings.

Make Time – Make time to “Look Good = Feel Good” I can’t stress this enough. If you enjoy getting your mani-pedi, pls make time for it. If you like getting your hair blown out, then by all means- make time for this! I love getting massages. I feel self-love every time I get one. The simple things that are focused on beautifying yourself is definitely part of self-care. Make time for Friends! Window shop, have coffee, or lunch dates. 

Nature – Go for a drive! Go see nature! Oceans, rivers, mountains, trails, just anywhere where you can inhale the freshness of our natural surroundings can do wonders for your mind, body and soul! FREE THERAPY ??

Learn to say “NO” – OMG! How true is this? There are times that I overwhelmingly over schedule myself in a day because I can’t say no! Being able to say no opens you up to saying yes to other opportunities that essentially would be helpful to your own self-care! 

Declutter – Another form of self-care is organizing your stuff! It’s a real feel good moment when you step back and look at what you have accomplished with just getting rid of clutter. For me, whenever I attack a project around my house I feel so light and can have a clearer thought process on other things. It’s part of being productive! 

These are just some of the things that I try to partake in attaining my own self-care. I hope it helps you!  

And may we all establish a routine that is good for our individual needs ?