Respect my space. Is that so hard to understand? We are in a time where tensions are high! 

If you go to a public place and if one person isn’t paying attention to his or her surroundings—  it can bring emotional uproar. 

A comfortable, physical personal space at this point in our lives, calls for 6 ↔️ feet apart. 

If you barely know the person you are engaging with, definitely 6 feet apart. If it’s someone you know well- the space will probably be much smaller. 

A lot of times people forget and it’s not intentional. Funny how before leaving our houses now, we need to remind each other to bring masks. It’s a battlefield out there! The world has changed since the coronavirus pandemic started. The scenario that we have seen in movies have actually come to life in our neighborhoods—  in supermarkets—in malls, restaurants, and in the workplace.

If you feel that you don’t have to do it, you should do it for others. When you wear your mask and stand 6 feet away, you are showing respect for other people’s space. 

We need to program ourselves, this is the new normal.  I’m sure some of you are so over this! But it is what it is. Let’s just do it right in order to make this all go smoothly. 

Know your circle of friends. Avoid places that are too crowded, and if you go to places that seem to have a lot of people— just know the distance to keep. 

Let’s not allow this change to get the best of us.

How blessed are we that slowly…. we are reopening businesses, just look at the bright side! 

We are given this freedom.

We just all need to follow the guidelines so that we can eventually enjoy everything that we used to enjoy. 

Let’s be mindful and respect ✊? each other’s SPACE!