? Hello my dear readers ? I am so happy to announce the 1st Anniversary of my blog❣️

This is a milestone for me. When I started a year ago, my goal was to share and express my thoughts and life experiences, hoping that I can inspire and bring light to people who may just be going through the same journey ??. 

When I launched this in the beginning of last year, I had a list of topics for the entire 12 months. Not anticipating major ? changes in my life—- and yours too!!! Who would have thought that we would encounter a world ? wide pandemic ?. 

The lockdown happened mid March of last year— and brought so much fear and uncertainty to all. So the stories I was planning to write about for this blog were altered. I had to focus on real time. Being ordered to stay home —-gave me so much time to reflect. On the past and present ? I’m sure you too.

So I wrote about the challenges we all faced. In spite of the difficulties and adjustments we all had to endure, something very good ? came out of it. 

The precious time spent with family brought us all together and much closer I must say. 

As I write ✍️ stories of coping, and life experiences on my blog, the time spent home helped me create short video clips as I talk about positivity ? and share words of wisdom. These videos can be watched on my Instagram and on my “YouTube” channel.

My blog filled up with what I have journaled through the years—- again , hoping to reach out readers just like you ???

Now in my 2nd year, I plan to reach new heights. As always, I try for more improvement in my life. In June, I will be turning 53 years old. There are more to share as I create openness and receptivity to everything around me. 

I just want to thank you all for being part of my journey. The year 2020 had 53 weeks and I was able to write 46 stories❣️ WOW ? 

I share with you my feeling of personal fulfillment ?. My determination made it possible.

When friends ask me….”What do you plan to do with this blog?”  Or another question would be…. “Why are you doing this?” ??? 

My answer…..”Because it simply makes me happy!”

Have you heard of the saying …. “The giver is the happiest.” And by sharing my life, I feel that I am giving a big part of me so I could touch people. 

You see my friends, the key to feeling renewed is to constantly reinvent yourself. 

I am so proud that I was able to truly practice these 2 words ….”sustainability” and “renewability”

These words I put into my work. 

Challenge yourself, have personal goals. What you do for you is what will make you grow.  

So without further ado….. 

Happy 1st  Anniversary ????