These are hard times for a lot of us. Especially business owners who had to close their doors due to Covid19 — and since I have not seen my beautiful Shani 💕 I am sending her love through this blog. I miss her so much! Every time I’m done with my appointment, I leave her salon feeling rejuvenated! A brand new woman!

“Hair Is Everything”

I love the way Shani colors, shapes, and blow-dries my hair. She has her own special way of doing it. She takes her time and it’s very relaxing. I have known her for over 10 years. 

Shani gave me my pixie cut a few years back – and although we both loved it…. she would constantly insist that I let my hair grow. I trust her! I’m sure trust is always the key word between you and your hairstylist lol 😊 The years of talking about your personal life…. when you’re sitting on that chair, you just can’t help to open up to your “therapist”- 😊 and this works both ways. I’ve known Shani since she was in her early twenties. Now she is a mother of 2 beautiful children. A boy and a girl. Although she is enjoying quality time with her little ones, 

I know that she is so eager to get back to work. Shani is such a creative person who puts her heart and soul into her craft. It shows in all her clients and we all leave her salon looking good and feeling good!

I’m sure some of you have created amazing relationships with your hairstylist. Connecting with them at this time through text or a video call is so important- making them feel special, thought of, and appreciated. 

A way that we can all support our colorists/ hairstylists and their business is to ask them if it is possible to put together an at-home color kit that you can do yourself. Shani posted on her Instagram account that she will be selling root touch up kits and glaze. I got so excited! I immediately contacted  her – I would like not only to maintain the color I have – but most importantly, to show support for her business. 

We are all in this together… so let’s give them all a shout out! 

Here is a video Shani made when I was at her salon before the lockdown.

We were so happy with the color and the cinnamon highlights of my hair that we named this video….


Fierce Salon
IG: shani_fierce

87 Berdan Ave.Wayne, NJ