I’ve read a lot of articles on nutrition and ways to keep me energized. As I get older, I feel my energy level drop. I don’t know if it’s part of menopausal, being over fifty, or my lifestyle. I just feel so tired and drained especially in the afternoons. Of course we all know the importance of sleep. I don’t usually get 8 hours, unfortunately.

So I try to balance it out with my diet. Before I start with the 5 foods I eat to boost my energy, I would like to stress the importance of drinking water. We’ve all heard it before, 8 glasses/ 8 ounces. When I feel my energy dropping, I simply grab a cold water bottle and chug it. Wow! I feel more awake! The cold refreshing taste of it does wonders. Drink it with a slice of lemon if you prefer. It’s refreshing, and our bodies need to hydrate constantly, to feel rejuvenated all throughout the day.

So here it is: 

Nuts (a handful) can be Almonds, Cashews or Walnuts

Get a handful and munch these in the middle of the afternoon when you feel like your energy is fading. It’s a fun snack to eat! 


Eggs provide us the energy we need to keep us going. It’s a great source of protein. And protein gives you energy. So better get cracking ?

Lean Protein

Good example are Skinless Chicken or Turkey. Another good source that’s high in omega-3 fatty acids is Salmon. 


I’m sure you heard the saying, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” It’s my go to- for a quick boost of energy! My favorite apple is the Honeycrisp Apple. I slice it thinly and snack on it. What’s your favorite? Yum!


This is the top fruit for energy! I tell my kids to eat a banana before heading to the gym. This gives them the boost they need for their workout. Have it in the mornings, that’s what I do.

So, if you are lacking energy, hard being at your best throughout the day, make sure these high in energy foods are part of your daily diet.

It’s what you put into your body that will change the way you feel. 

Drinking enough water, eating healthy, exercise, being social and getting enough sleep are all key to feeling good and being able to keep you energized all throughout the day!