Love, love, love this weather! Time to gear up and dress up for Fall ??. Whatever I wear, comfort is the key to looking and feeling my best! I love layering in this weather, this way if I get warm, I just peel each layer off! What’s great about this weather is that crisp air. The colors that are changing and leaves that are falling. The smell of autumn means change for me. When seasons change, I am reminded that I can start anew! 

Time to pull out the earth tone colors in my wardrobe closet and have fun with it! I get bored easily and change is what gives me an opportunity to reinvent myself. It’s all a mindset. The clothes you wear somehow dictates your attitude for the day. I find it to be “fun” when picking out my outfits. Although sometimes it’s challenging when clothes don’t fit well from last year. Ugh ? 

If you live in an area with four seasons, you may own pieces that can actually be incorporated into your outfits for the entire year! I’ve actually organized my closet in a way where everything is categorized by style. (Thankfully, I have the space for it) 

When updating or just refreshing looks, I recommend sorting out what you already have and just buy pieces  here and there – that can compliment what you already own. Having traditional, classic pieces is key. What you add to it – will change the look and sometimes give you a trendy feel to it without spending a fortune! 

Here are some of my outfit inspirations and my go to’s when it comes to this season.  Casual Fall outfits ??

Casual, Classic , Chic, or Trendy? Which one are you?